I get questions all the time about tarot and astrology. 

And even though the energy around readings is becoming far more receptive and interested, people still question its validity.  To tell you honestly, I am always really skeptical of everything and question the bejeezus out of people.

Even when magic happens in front of me, the next second, I don’t believe it happened; I ask to see magic again just so I can believe and then, when it happens, I am back in the cycle.

My answer to questions about readings is two fold:

  1. All tools that help us reflect on ourselves can be nourishing and vital to our growth.  Readings can be used as connections to parts ourselves not yet revealed.  They are a beautiful addition to a self-inquiry journey.

  2. Yes, magic happens.  I still don’t know why or how and for a long time, I was my own skeptic.  But as I have done my own clearing work, I found a really strong voice in myself.  And that voice tells me things.  When I’m in practice strongest, it’s an actual voice in my head that I hear.  Sometimes I hear names or answers.  Loads of times, I have heard things that I don’t know what to do with.  But when I do tarot readings, that voice is grounded and easy and so that’s why I continue to do this work.

With astrology, it’s a little more grounded naturally.  If we can accept gravity because of the moon’s pull, then it’s not that big of stretch to believe the planets and other celestial bodies have the same abilities and pulls for us.

Feel free to ask any questions at all. Email me at darthveda@darthveda.com, if you want any other information or just to say hello.

Much love, DarthVeda